About Mark Landy

Mark Landy has led the technology, strategy, and innovation aspects of Medco Health Solutions, Inc., as both Vice President of Enterprise Transformation and Chief Technology Officer. The health care company, one of the Fortune 500, provides various health plans for private and governmental organizations and clinical management programs for physicians and providers, as well as prescription and pharmaceutical supply. Medco was recently acquired and incorporated by Express Scripts, greatly expanding its online business. Mark Landy joined Medco in 1992 as Technical Manager and has since fulfilled several positions of increasing responsibility. Past titles include Vice President of IT Strategy; Vice President of IT Planning; Chief Architect and Executive Director of Infrastructure and Architecture; Senior Director of E-Commerce Infrastructure and Technology; and Director of E-Commerce Architecture and Technology.

As CTO, Mark Landy was the technology and innovation lead for a $600 million plan to upgrade the company’s systems. His early work helped to create and fund the plan. This effort focused on the company’s Enterprise Architecture initiatives, which Mr. Landy successfully navigated away from a single-server center to a federated system, a diffused set of reference points stationed throughout the company. In addition to the design, Mr. Landy has conducted extensive training operations to ensure that the IT staff capably maintains the system in the absence of direct contact with the CTO’s office.

Through his efforts, Mark Landy garnered several company awards, including the Chairman’s Award. Still pending, Mr. Landy submitted a patent application for those elements of his plan that contain innovative advances in database management. His plan, initiated in 2007 and continuously adjusted as technologies emerge, has been named Medco 2.0 to symbolize the dramatic shift in the firm’s approach to data storage and management.

Mark Landy shares his insights with fellow IT professionals as a speaker at several industry events per year. Most recently, his topic was the ability of an Enterprise Architect to improve a company’s operations dramatically. Mr. Landy earned a Master of Science in Distributed Information Systems Engineering with a 4.0 GPA from Brooklyn Polytechnic University, complemented by a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College.


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